If your a young person or a parent of a young person that is doing their DofE Award. Well done for taking that first step. However, when it comes to expeditions there can be a lot to think about especially when it comes to what type and amount of kit you should take. To ensure that undue stress isn’t placed on your body your rucksack should weight no more than 1/4 (25%) of your total body mass.

Here is our 20 point kit guide for a standard Bronze DofE Award Expedition:
1) Rucksack (with a capacity of 55L-75L) – hire a Hi-Gear Tibet 65+10.
2) Tent (with at least 3000mm Hydrostatic Head) – hire a Vango Tempest 200.
3) Sleeping Bag (3 season) – hire a Vango Nitestar 250.
4) Sleeping Mat – hire a Foam Sleeping Mat.
5) Waterproof Jacket – hire a Waterproof Jacket.
6) Walking Boots (with ankle support) – Walking boots guide coming soon.
7) Food (ration packs or precooked meals) – check out Be-Well Expedition Foods.
8) Spare Clothes – Clothes guide coming soon.
9) First Aid Kit – a personal first aid kit (keep any medication you need in a separate bag).
10) Rubbish Bags – for carrying any waste produced until you find a bin.
11) Washing Up Kit – For cleaning and drying your pots and utensils after you finish eating.
12) Personal Wash Kit – Toothbrush, toothpaste, flannel and soap.
13) Watch – Managing your time is a very important skill in navigation.
14) Camera – Don’t miss out on memories plus you can use images in your final presentation.
15) Hat – something to keep the sun and rain off your face.
16) Spare underwear and socks – for a fresh feeling in the morning.
17) Flip Flops – for a bit of extra comfort on the campsite.
18) Gloves – Warm hands mean you can use your fingers.
19) Fleece Jumper – The nights can get very cold, even on the hottest of days.
20) Black Bag – Place this inside your rucksack before you pack anything and put everything in there. That way, if the rucksack gets wet your kit should stay dry.

You can add to this list but remember, you have to carry it so keep it simple, use items that you can use in multiple different ways, reduce how much packaging you take out and make sure you know how to use all your kit before you leave.

One of the questions we get asked often is, Why should we go camping?
Given that the ‘staycation’ accounted for almost 25% of the British populations holiday plans in 2015, we thought we would give you our top 5 reasons to join the camping craze.

1) Made to measure – Our top reason to go camping is that you can make your holiday into whatever you want. The UK has thousands of campsites all spread out across the country. You can find campsites with modern amenities and theme parks to campsites in the middle of nowhere. For those looking for something more extreme you can even find some campsites you can’t even drive to, so start waxing your boots and prepare to get them dirty. With the rise of Glamping, we’ve even seen tents with en-suite bathrooms and 4 poster beds! Whatever you want from your camping trip you can find it right here in Britain.

2) Your money powers the British economy – That’s right! Every penny you spend on a staycation goes towards the British economy by supporting jobs, the arts, local produce and local shops. Currently, campers accounts for about £490 million (3.5%) of the British tourism economy. That’s what we call people power!

3) Cheaper than most other holidays – A decent camping spot for a family of 4 is about £60 for a bank holiday weekend and the costs of a decent family tent and all the trimmings is about £400 (this is a one off spend and can be reused on another trip), there no flights so you save money there and food is probably about the same as what you would normally spend. Given all of this you could find that you potentially save thousands per holiday, literally.

4) Have an adventure – Yes we said adventure! The British countryside is full of wonderful views, people and landmarks and campsites can easily be found next to all of these things. All you need to do is think about what you want your next adventure. Just imagine going to bed while watching the sun set, counting the stars at night to help you sleep or waking up to breathtaking views you just dreamt about. Whether it’s an open field overlooking fields of gold or at the foot of an old English castle, the options are endless, let your imagination run wild.

5) Relax – I know we said have an adventure above but some of us take holidays to get away from it all, but personally, I find having to spend hours driving to airports, queuing at customs, cramped plane seating, air plane food, waiting for your luggage to be given back to you, forgetting a child at home (though Home Alone is one of my favourite films) and trying to find food that suits your taste buds and digestive system a little stressful and that’s just half of the holiday. Camping doesn’t have to mean hours of travel or waiting in queues, these days quite a few sites will also allow your pets to stay with you (some for an extra fee) so that’s another thing to worry less about about. For those looking for complete isolation, you can even find spots without any mobile signal or wifi.

So why are you waiting around? Get researching and check out camping for yourself. Don’t forget to leave a comment and sign up to our newsletter so we can send you our latest offers and let you know when we have new equipment available for you.