About Us

Are you a:
– first time camper,
– planning a family holiday,
– going on a school camping trip,
– want a camping trip without spending to much money,
– Want to take the storage and maintenance hassle out of your camping holiday?

CampingKitHire.com has the equipment that will help you to have the best experience you can by spending just a fraction of the cost.

People like choice and for most us we want kit that we know will be realiable but not cost a kings ransom. That’s why we have developed our site to make sure you not only have the choice of equipment to suit you but also suit your budget.

We can provide:
– Tents
– Sleeping Bags
– Roll Mats
– Rucksacks
– Stoves
– Lamps
– GPS tracking equipment
– and much more

So whether you are an individual or a group* come and check out what we can offer you.

*registered schools will be entitled to special rates. Contact info@campingkithire.com for more info.