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We have high quality Vango Tents approved by the DofE Award, 3 season sleeping bags and Trangia stoves with both spirit and gas burning options to name a few of the items you can hire. Start seeing how much you can save by clicking one of the images on the right.


Can we deliver to your place of work?

It is your responsibility, as the hirer, to sign for the order when delivered by our courier. If you are not able to sign for the package it can be signed for by the person on reception. However, please be aware that you will be fully liable for any damage or loss.

Do we have any package deals?

We don’t currently have any packages yet (coming soon), but we do offer discounts from 10-20% and free delivery for larger order. We will apply these automatically to your quote.

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Sharing is caring and we like to share our knowledge, views, opinions, insights and musings with you all. So come have a read and share your opinions on what we’ve spoken about.


Who is CampingKitHire.com

Hello and welcome to our first blog, ever!!! We’re really excited and we hope that you are to and we hope that you find what we have to say fun, entertaining and insightful.We are a merry band of camping enthusiasts that recently started working with school kids, because we felt, that all children should have the opportunity to experience and love the outdoors, just like us. After all, they will be the custodians of tomorrow and we want to make sure the Great British countryside remains a beautiful...

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5 Tips to help you preserve the countryside

The countryside has been around since the birth of our island and has the inspiration for so many stories, songs, myths and legends. More and more people visiting the countryside every year, increasing love for the animals, birds and plants. However, this also comes with a price as the number of farmer/rambler conflicts increase, levels of litter have increased and people getting lost with inappropriate knowledge and equipment increases.

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Do I buy, hire or borrow my camping equipment?

We would love to tell everyone that hiring your equipment is the best and only choice to make, but we’re not like that. We are here to make sure people make the best choices for them and have the knowledge available to do that. When it comes to getting your hands on equipment, fundamentally you have 3 main options. You can either go out (or online) and buy the items, you can hire items or you may know someone that you can borrow it from.

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